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The Ableton Live course (level 1) starts on:
Classes held in Dubai. Attending/missing class is your responsibility.
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Dance Music is the focus.

Made By Music Producers For Music Producers. This is Your Ultimate Electronic Music Production Course.

We put over 13 years of music production, coaching and industry experience in just 24 hours.

This course takes place in Dubai.

✅19+ Years of Music Production Experience
✅You Learn With Ableton Certified Trainer
✅Learn How To Make Music in Hours Not Months
✅Your Coach Has Over 13+ Years Of Academic Experience
✅Over 1400 Teaching Hours
✅Learn The Right Way
✅You Will Learn Our Successful Step by Step System

Curated By Ableton Certified Trainer, You Learn From The Best Practices Around.

This is Your Course

✔ Want to produce music professionally? This is the course for you.
✔ Want to entertain the masses with your music? This is definitely the course for you.
✔ If you are struggling to put a beat together! This is the best choice you ever made.
✔ If you a creative or a content creator that wants to share their passion. Then you will learn how to do just that.



Level 1 is all about exploring Ableton Live’s interface. We will help you structure your creative ideas in Ableton. Kicking off with the drum and bass line programming, by exploring the drum machine and samplers and then we move on to the vast world of MIDI which will further develop our drum and bassline ideas in conjunction with with melodic elements using synthesizers. As we progress, we process everything we learn with a suite of effect and signal processing devices. Then we take a step back into the world of Synthesis, as we further develop our melodies into unique musically creative lines. Next we introduce the arrangement section and its possibilities, which presents expanded capabilities into looping, editing and manipulating audio. In this level you get to create the sounds, ideas and creative aspirations inside the session view, these will serve the basis of the next level, where you transfer these ideas into full tracks.


This is where we take our ideas onto the next level. Spending a majority of time in the arrangement view, we delve into advance audio techniques like warping to gel audio tracks and ideas together. We then set on to an automation and modulation expedition, where we create dynamic layers of sounds. Moving into the micro and macro components of music, musical structure and composition we understand the little intricacies that go a long way. You’ll be learning a suite of new signal processing devices and instruments. Ableton is known for its live performance capabilities, which will allow us to engage it closely from both perspectives; being studio and stage. We also will use the new features introduced in Ableton 10, LINK, and check the infinite segments that Max for live consists of. In the last session we glue our tracks together, which will be the first of many productions. The whole production process is covered from idea to creation to execution. If you want to further develop your skills from production, you may want to look into our synthesis, mixing and mastering, and Push courses to help you in the studio or perform an idea out live.

A little bit about us and why we are your best choice!

  • The Ableton Live Music Production Course has been the efforts of years of practice, learning and teaching from our instructional team.
  • We have been sharing our knowledge since 2001.
  • Since 2006 we have been releasing our music and 100s of other artists we manage.
  • We have conducted over 7532 Hours of creative instructional content in higher education. Completed a masters in education too, so we know a thing or 2 about putting the best content out there for you.
  • We also have certifications from the top audio production companies. We are the only ones who are Ableton Certified.
  • We have spend countless hours updating our content every year. We got the latest software and hardware, we spend buckets of money making sure you learn on the best gear that industry leaders use.
  • The Electronic Music Production Course we offer no one else has the discipline to even come close. We have established our selves as experts in our field, continuous learning, development, community engagement, our time and capital investment are just a few of the initiatives we take pride in.
  • The Electronic Music Production course prepares you for the real world of creative music production. Whether you want to take it as a pass-time hobby or get involved in a deeper way, we believe you should take it seriously and not waste your time and money. We value our time too much to waste any of our creator’s time.
  • The Electronic Music Production course we offer elevates your learning in the quickest time possible, at the greatest value of money hour for hour, feel free to do the math.
  • You will learn to produce music with out the pain of boring, useless and unrelated theory. With us you dive into making music from the get go. No BS.
  • We make music composing easy, because it is easy when you have a proven system that works. Just like everything else with-out a system that has been tested and retested time after time, it’s pretty difficult to accomplish anything, we all been there at one point or another.
  • It is our duty and responsibility to offer the best possible electronic music production course and a suite of other creative courses in the market, that are easy to understand, follow and replicate. We believe if you have something to share with the rest of the world, we are the best choice in helping you archive your goals.
  • We invite you to join the best Electronic Music Production Course, this will be the best choice you ever made, we strongly believe that, and so do our 179+ creatives that chose us to pilot them in their creative journey.

For who?

These sessions are made for beginners, or individuals that have none to some basic experience with Ableton Live. The content is specifically prepared for those that would like to get into producing electronic music.

Why Ableton Live?

Ableton Live enables music producers, artists, DJs, musicians, and creatives to create music in the studio and on the stage. In these sessions, we will explore some of Live’s most powerful, useful features and devices that enable you to do just that. We offer the best possible Ableton Live music production course in Dubai.

Why not Youtube?

Youtube and other platforms are great time-consuming (to put it lightly) tools. Sure you will find some useful information. Every minute 300 hours of content is uploaded on Youtube, the chances that you will find what you need are the same as those of winning a scratch ticket. There will always be a need for structured learning both physically and online. The right information, presented in a logical manner at the right time.

Will I be able to make music?

The short answer is Yes. Make music you will. The sessions are creative, most boring technicalities and theories are skipped. We carefully prepared a creative musical journey to get you making the music you want in no time. In saying that, are the right questions is: Are you committed to making music?

Who is running these creative sessions?

The sessions are delivered by an Ableton Certified Trainer. There are about 250+ Ableton Certified Trainers in the world. ACT’s are individuals that have an extensive educational and academic background, know Ableton really well, have a creative approach to making music and are able to communicate and transfer the message across.

ACTs are primarily heavily involved with music technology and are active in the scene. Some ACTs are artists, music-tech entrepreneurs and media creators. Costas Papa is the only Ableton Certified Trainer in the region.

Costas also hosts community meets up around Dubai as well, to raise awareness, share ideas and network with the creatives of Dubai and across the region.

What is DAUG?

The Dubai Ableton User Group was established in May of 2016. It is the official Ableton Community meet up for Dubai. We also have KAUG, in Kuwait too.

In DAUG, we meet regularly to create, share, network and learn. DAUG is supported by some leading audio and music production brands in the city and of course from our super creative community of artists.