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Ableton DJ Podcast Course

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Granular Academy Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Get Creative, Learn A New Skill and Succeed. Take Your DJ Learning Experience To The Next Level Without Having  To Pay A Fortune Or Waste Your Time.

Become A Podcaster, Create Radio DJ Shows or Digital Mix Tapes


The Ableton Podcast Course  starts:
Attending/missing class is your responsibility.
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This course takes place in Dubai.

✅20+ Years of DJing Experience
✅You Learn Ableton Live
✅Learn How To DJ in Hours Not Months
✅Your Coach Has Over 13+ Years Of Academic Experience
✅Over 1400 Teaching Hours
✅Learn The Right Way
✅You Will Learn Our Successful Step by Step System

Made By DJs For DJs. This is Your Ultimate Ableton DJ Course.

We put over 20 years of Djing, coaching and industry experience in just 12 hours.

✔ Want to become a professional Podcaster? This is the course for you.
✔ Want to entertain the masses with your music? This is definitely the course for you.
✔ If you are struggling to Mix Tracks Together! This is the best choice you ever made.
If you are struggling to Record a Voice Over For A Show! We will make it as easy as possible to do so.
✔ If you a creative or a content creator that wants to share their passion. Then you will learn how to do just that.


This course is made for individuals that want to publish DJ sets on iTunes, Beatport, Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud or broadcast through online or local radio.

The main focus will be the software; learning the interface and Live’s unique workflow, through creative and technical practices will enable you to produce a digital DJ set or a radio show format episode.

In this course, we discover and explore Ableton Live’s interface, the session and arrangement view, effects and devices to process music and voice. Various microphone recording capabilities. A huge focus will be on Ableton Live’s unique Warping features. With a deep understanding of Warping, we will be able to prepare our music and structurally arrange it into a show. Use and combine effect devices to create unique DJ effect chains in Ableton Live. Discover Automation features to create seamless mixes and transitions for our assets. Use mixedinkey harmonic mixing options to guide us to the correct path. Use loops and short audio clips to enhance music or sections of our show. Create radio ducking effects. Learn various formatting structures for DJ sets, podcast shows, radio shows and use best practices to mix and master the final product based on digital broadcasting specifications.

For who?

This course is made for beginners. In 4 weeks you will be able to put together a DJ Set, a podcast, or a digital mixtape. You will learn the latest techniques in creating and curating sets for digital shows. Create your own podcast series on ITUNES. Prepare a DJ set for Mixcloud. Publish your content on Beatport DJs, submit it to your local radio station or share it with friends.

What’re these sessions about?

These sessions will cover and focus heavily on the warping functions in Ableton Live. Discovering and creating the effects that you would need to mix your songs. Automate any parameters to create smooth transitions. Record your voice if you want to, and create radio like vocal effects. Monitor your levels and polish your mix to various broadcast standards.

What equipment do i need?

We always take the shoestring approach, it has proved to be the best. Get the minimal setup to start with and then the experience will guide you what you need to get later on to take you to the next level. A laptop with Ableton Live and an inexpensive microphone if you will record your voice.

Why learn Podcasting with Ableton Live?

Podcasting or radio shows has kept many generations entertained since the first AM waves hit the streets. Nowadays its everywhere, Youtube, Mixcloud, Beatport, ITUNES and self hosted sites are taking advantage of this content creation self marketing tool. You got something of value? Then put it in a Podcast, create a DJ set or a digital mix tape ?

Why do it with Ableton? 

Well ? Its inexpensive, its hands on, its much easier and efficient than the next best alternative. You might decide to use Ableton Live for other crafts; music production, recording, live performance, mashups, etc…

Who is running these creative sessions?

The sessions are delivered by an Ableton Certified Trainer. There are about 250+ Ableton Certified Trainers in the world. ACT’s are individuals that have an extensive educational and academic background, know Ableton really well, have a creative approach to making music and are able to communicate and transfer the message across.

ACTs are primarily heavily involved with music technology and are active in the scene. Some ACTs are artists, music-tech entrepreneurs and media creators. Costas Papa  is the only Ableton Certified Trainer in the region.

Costas also hosts community meets up around Dubai as well, to raise awareness, share ideas and network with the creatives of Dubai and across the region.