Ableton Push 2

Learn Ableton Push 2
Create Mix Perform.

Learn Push!

For who?

This course is made for beginners, or individuals that have recently bought Ableton Push 2. The content is specifically prepared for those that would like to get the most out of their Push 2 experience within a short time frame.

What’re these sessions about?

Learning Push’s 2 unique workflow, features and music making capabilities will enable you to take your musical ideas from early concept to final product.

What equipment do i need?

You will need to bring in a laptop with Ableton Live Suite and a Push 2 controller to learn on.

What equipment will I be learning about?

This is a traditional hardware course, Ableton Push 2 will be the main focus, irregularly we will refer to Ableton Live. You are expected to know the fundamentals of Ableton Live to make the most out of these sessions.

What are some of the topics?

Ableton Push 2 Interface, Push 2 Workflows, Playing and Sequencing Drums, Putting down basic melodies and chords, Session View & Arrangement Techniques, Using Automation, Sampling Techniques & Modes

Why should I take these sessions?

Djing has transformed the entertainment industry since the 1960s, with the advent of technology blew it up, Djing is a global creative force. Learning the skills to DJ, is an art form in it self. Djing is both technical and creative, by far the most enjoyable hobby, and for those that are dedicated a fulfilling career. There are way too many reasons why you should take these sessions, but we like to know that from you.

Will I be able to make/perform?

Yes. You will learn to use Ableton Live Push 2 as an electronic instrument, to compose and perform musical ideas.

Who is running these creative sessions?

The sessions are delivered by an Ableton Certified Trainer. There are about 250+ Ableton Certified Trainers in the world. ACT’s are individuals that have an extensive educational and academic background, know Ableton really well, have a creative approach to making music and are able to communicate and transfer the message across.

ACTs are primarily heavily involved with music technology and are active in the scene. Some ACTs are artists, music-tech entrepreneurs and media creators. Costas Papa is the only Ableton Certified Trainer in the region.

Costas also hosts community meets up around Dubai as well, to raise awareness, share ideas and network with the creatives of Dubai and across the region.

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