Electronic Music Production & DJ Courses

Learn fast and with ease a new creative skill, or further develop an existing. Learn how to produce electronic music with Ableton Live. Create and perform ideas with Ableton Push 2. Explore the world of synthesis and sound design. Be a part of the best practical DJ course in town. Output your best mixes with our signature Mixing & Mastering sessions. You’re a content creator and want to share your brand and expertise with the world, then join the Ableton Live podcast course.

Experience Dubai’s best electronic music production & DJ Courses. These small group courses are designed to quickly immerse you in music technology and fast-forward your journey as an artist. You will learn from industry experts, certified trainers, music producers and DJs. Whether you are looking to establish a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music production, as well as learn how to mix using Ableton Live & Ozone, DJ with the  Pioneer vinyl and professional CDJ club line, perform live with laptops and MIDI controllers, or take a more focused approach to synthesis and sound design,  there is a course just for you. If you are already an artist you can join our creative coaching programs or come in and practice your DJ skills.