Pioneer XDJ-RX2 DJ Course


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✅20+ Years of DJing Experience
✅You Learn On The Top of the line Pioneer XDJ-RX2 All in One Controller
✅Learn How To DJ in Hours Not Months
✅Your Coach Has Over 13+ Years Of Academic Experience
✅Over 1400 Teaching Hours
✅Learn The Right Way
✅You Will Learn Our Successfull Step by Step System

Learn How To DJ With On The Pioneer XDJ-RX2 All in One Controller. Pioneer DJ Course Starting At Just 299USD.

The Digital DJ Artform. Just In 3 Quick and Easy Levels. You Will Be Able To Elevate Your Skills. Join The Best And Most Cost Effective DJ Mixing Course In Dubai

Level 1 @299USD: DJ INTRO:(custom schedule)
Level 2 @299USD: Pioneer DJ: (custom schedule)
Level 3 @299USD: Beyond The Mix: (custom schedule)

Level 1: DJ INTRO

Using industry standard controller XDJ RX2 from Pioneer DJ and Rekordbox DJ software, you will learn fundamental DJ skills from professional DJ’s and artists. Working in a small group setting using the XDJ RX2 all in one controller, which combines features and traits from the flagship NXS2 series. You will learn the art of seamless mixing, how to curate a DJ set, and organizational skills every DJ needs to know.
Some of the concepts you will learn:
✔Equipment Set-Up And Software
✔How To Play And Cue Your Songs On The ‘1’
✔Using The Jog To Control Your Music
✔Adjusting The Tempo Of Songs
✔Musical Phrasing And Counting
✔Mixing In And Out Tracks With Level.
✔Library Organization And Management
✔Jumping Through Your Tracks And Playlists
✔Preparing Your Music In Rekordbox, And Plugin In Your Usb On The Controller
✔Browsing Your Playlist And Choosing Tracks
✔Understanding The Screen Layout

Level 2: Pioneer DJ

This class is for those looking to advance their DJ skills by taking advantage of XDJ-RX2 PRO DJ features. In this level you will go deeper and learn about the mixing techniques, FX and Pad performance capabilities of the XDJ-RX2 controller. Learn to use Pioneer rekordbox DJ software memory cues, hot cues and export link to USB sticks. Learn to create and manage a sustainable library system and workflow that will put you in control of your mix.
Some of the concepts you will learn:
✔Looping Sections Of Songs
✔Adding Fx To Your Songs And Mix
✔Mixing With The Equalizer
✔Beat Jump From Section To Section
✔Creating Memory Location For Easy Access
✔Creating Hot Cues To Perform Or Focus On Specific Sections
✔Using The Crossfader To Transition From One Song To The Next
✔Learn Pioneer Rekordbox Dj
✔Library Management
✔Export Link Dj Link With USB Export
✔Setting And Adjusting Beat-Grids
✔Master Tempo Feature To Lock In Your Key
✔Dive Deep Into The Utility Settings
✔Create Tag Lists And View More Info About Your Music

Level 3: Beyond The Mix
In this level you will complete your creative DJ journey. You will master the XDJ-RX2 controller. You will be able to use Vinyl mode and be able to cue your songs, backspin and baby scratch your way though your set. Enhance your performance with slip loop, reverse the track right before the drop and enhance the experience. Connect laptops, microphones and auxiliary devices to expand your setup.
Some of the concepts you will learn:
✔Go Manual And Enter Vinyl Mode
✔Expand Your Performance With Slip & Slip Loop Features
✔Beat Fx Section, Ultimate Effect Performance
✔Reverse Function
✔Beat Sync
✔Auxiliary And Microphone Inputs
✔Connecting Your Laptop To The Controller
✔Track Filter And Shortcut Menu

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