Ableton Live Music Production

Music Production with Ableton Live
Learn to produce Electronic Music with an Ableton Certified Trainer.

Learn how to produce music!

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For who?

These sessions are made for beginners, or individuals that have none to some basic experience with Ableton Live. The content is specifically prepared for those that would like to get into producing electronic music.

Why Ableton Live?

Ableton Live enables music producers, artists, DJs, musicians, and creatives to create music in the studio and on the stage. In these sessions, we will explore some of Live’s most powerful, useful features and devices that enable you to do just that. We offer the best possible Ableton Live music production course in Dubai.

Why not Youtube?

Youtube and other platforms are great time-consuming (to put it lightly) tools. Sure you will find some useful information. Every minute 300 hours of content is uploaded on Youtube, the chances that you will find what you need are the same as those of winning a scratch ticket. There will always be a need for structured learning both physically and online. The right information, presented in a logical manner at the right time.

Will I be able to make music?

The short answer is Yes. Make music you will. The sessions are creative, most boring technicalities and theories are skipped. We carefully prepared a creative musical journey to get you making the music you want in no time. In saying that, are the right questions is: Are you committed to making music?

Who is running these creative sessions?

The sessions are delivered by an Ableton Certified Trainer. There are about 250+ Ableton Certified Trainers in the world. ACT’s are individuals that have an extensive educational and academic background, know Ableton really well, have a creative approach to making music and are able to communicate and transfer the message across.

ACTs are primarily heavily involved with music technology and are active in the scene. Some ACTs are artists, music-tech entrepreneurs and media creators. Costas Papa is the only Ableton Certified Trainer in the region.

Costas also hosts community meets up around Dubai as well, to raise awareness, share ideas and network with the creatives of Dubai and across the region.

What is DAUG?

The Dubai Ableton User Group was established in May of 2016. It is the official Ableton Community meet up for Dubai. We also have KAUG, in Kuwait too.

In DAUG, we meet regularly to create, share, network and learn. DAUG is supported by some leading audio and music production brands in the city and of course from our super creative community of artists.

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