Online Pioneer CDJ Course In Saudi Arabia

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For who?

These sessions are perfect for beginners. The DJCourse is specifically prepared for those that would like to start DJing.

How can i register?

You can click on any of the buttons on this page to register or here

What’s these sessions about?

This is a traditional hardware course, where attendees will master the fundamentals of the industry standard Pioneer CDJ setup. ‘Intro to DJ-ing main focus will be the hardware and be developing the initial skill-set required qualify as a DJ.

What will I learn?

By the end of these sessions,s you will be able to gain a better understanding in the art itself. Be comfortable using a hardware DJ setup. Ideally, all attendees would be able to mix songs of their choice.

What equipment will I be learning on?

For these online sessions, we recommend that you have a Pioneer DJ Controller to be able to follow and practice. From our experience those learners that spend on average 3-5 hours a  week of practice they shorten their learning curve by 80%.

Why the industry CDJ2000NXS2 & DJM900NXS2 Gear?

Well, first because they are the industry standard. Secondly, learning and understanding the industry standaed format, you automatically know how to use the other gear that has been designed from them. For example most of our learners practice at home or go out to DJ with the DDJ1000 model or the XDJ-RX2 model. These 2 are very, very close to the standard format and at a super affordable price.

Which controller; Pioneer XDJ-RX2 or DDJ1000?

You can’t go wrong with either of them. They are both great controllers. They both are top of the line DJ controllers in their own category. The XDJ-RX2 is the top USB plug and play controller, while the DDJ1000 is the top laptop controller. Also we prefer the DDJ1000, for many reasons… 1. lower price 2. Large Jogs 3. it has 4 channels 4. its almost a replica of the CDJ/DJM line. We got both and we love them equally. Decide if you want to connect/carry your laptop or not, whether you want to have 4 channels instead of 2. etc… Offcourse if budget is not an issue, and you are serious and commited the CDJ2000NXS2 and DJM900NXS2 mixer are simply the best, nothing will ever come close. The choice is yours.


What are some of the topics?

Equipment Overview & Set-Up,Count Beats And Bars, Cueing Tracks, Song Structure, EQ , Loops & Hot Cues, Phrase Mixing, Recording & Producing A Mix/Podcast/Demo, Mixer Headphones & Monitors, Gain Matching , Beat Matching, Features Of The Pioneer CDJ Effects , Blending Songs , Preparing a Set, Troubleshooting

Why should I take these sessions?

Djing has transformed the entertainment industry since the 1960s, with the advent of technology blew it up, Djing is a global creative force. Learning the skills to DJ is an art form in itself. Djing is both technical and creative, by far the most enjoyable hobby, and for those that are dedicated a fulfilling career. There are way too many reasons why you should take these sessions, but we like to know that from you.

Will I be able to mix?

Yes. We will first get you acquainted with the technology, the gear involved, the mindset, the music trends and training your brain to beat match songs. With time, practice and repetition you will be able to mix 2 or more tracks together.

About your instructor?

During the DJ sessions, your primary contact will be Costas Papa and his team of experts, a Dubai based sonic artist, music producer and consultant. He’s an expert educator with more than 10 years of experience and the founder of Granular Academy. Costas has designed and conducted courses and creative sessions since 2007.



Session 1
Session 1 PDF Notes
Session Intro (0:57)
Equipment Overview (0:41)
Cueing The Track (5:32)
Counting (8:12)
Quick Mix Levels (3:39)
Features On the CDJ (6:21)
Features on The DJM (9:13)
Phase Meter, Jog Wheel and BPM (6:43)
Download and Install Rekordbox (2:26)
Create Playlists with Rekordbox (6:13)
Summary (2:45)

Session 2
Session Intro (0:54)
Cable Connection Walk Through (6:06)
Concept of DJing: Beat Phase, Count-in (7:35)
Auto Cue, Time Mode, Info, Menu. (8:31)
Utility Settings (6:51)
EQ Mixing (10:00)
Demo (16:44)
Fixing the Grid Using Recordbox (3:30)
Creating Playlists &. Analyzing Your Music (5:22)

Session 3
Session Intro (0:54)
Using The BeatJump Options to Technically and Creatively (7:23)
Using Effects: Sound Color FX Section (24:44)
Sound Color FX Demo (5:06)
Creative use of Loop Functions (11:16)
RekordBox Overview Part 1: Playlists & Sync Manager & Itunes (6:06)
RekordBox Overview Part 2: CDJ/USB Optimal Settings & Ordering Tracks (4:56)
RekordBox Overview Part 3: Fixing The Grid, Syncing Back to Rekordbox (7:33)
RekordBox Overview Part 4: BeatJump & Looping Options (4:51)
Performance (5:47)

Session 4
Session Intro (0:43)
Summary (2:43)
Performance (9:26)