3 Dj Tips To Help You Succee

3 DJ Tips To Help You Succeed

3 DJ Tips To Help You Succeed

Knowing how to DJ is great. But you can even go beyond that by some of the tips I am going to explain to you! From learning how to play for a venue all the way to do some changes to your sounds. And I can guarantee that these 3 DJ tips will help you succeed! Just to let you know I myself have been DJing for almost 17 years, I am also an academic for those of you who are interested in learning how to DJ I provide musical experiences such as DJing and Music production with Ableton in Dubai check us out!




Practice makes perfect. Cliché? Yes, but very underrated. DJs do not take advantage by practicing when you actually do not have gigs coming up. Practicing helps to familiarize yourself with your music. Knowing your music is key! I can’t stress on this enough. So many times, I have been to clubs and have seen DJs mess up because they don’t understand the song structure of their own music. Knowing your song’s structure is mandatory to help you mix in and out seamlessly from one track to the other. This DJ tip is definitely going to help you succeed!


Genre Versatility


Let me start by saying that all DJs would love to play their own genres. And most of the time if you are a known DJ for playing a certain genre and are booked you would be able to do that. But, we have all come across a time when you have been booked for the wrong venue. If you aren’t managed by someone whom quality controls your DJ bookings this could happen very often I might add! Always carry a collection of genres to play for the night as a backup because you never know what might happen! Do not stick to one genre!



Know what music to play in your time slot


Believe it or not, I was booked for a venue once and I have seen the warm-up DJ play high energy music at a warm-up time slot! This is something horrible for the venue for a couple of reasons. You will burn out the audience early on through the night! Having people leave during your headliners is probably the worst thing that could happen to the venue! And this will end up leaving a bad impression on you! The venue/night needs to go through stages of energy!


A lot of people think that DJing is a walk in the park, but it actually isn’t. DJs put a lot of time and effort into performing. A portion of the performance is improvisation but the other part behind the scenes are planned. It takes some time to be a known DJ. You could be a great DJ from the start, but to be an international DJ takes time and work. And these 3 DJ tips will help you succeed in your DJ career. Also, for those of you who are interested, we have some other blogs you can check out here.