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3 Crucial Items DJs Need To Bring!

3 Crucial Items DJs Need To Bring!

You managed to pick land a gig for yourself which is amazing! Now you need to be able to prepare yourself for what you need to bring to these gigs! Here are 3 crucial items you need bring to your gig! If you are interested in further developing yourself to Electronic Music Production courses in Dubai you are also looking in the right place! It’s two a bird one stone scenario for you!

1- Flash disks

These tiny little storage devices are your best friend when it comes to your gigs! Always and I mean always bring a backup of the same music you have on that flash disk! You never know what could happen! You can manage to lose the device, heck somebody can even snag it when you are performing live!

2- Laptop

Sometimes you have such a huge amount of music you can’t fit them all to your flash disk! What you can do is bring your laptop and use it as your portable hard disk for music! Let’s say you are performing live and all of sudden you realize that a track would go really well with this and of course what do you know you didn’t put it on your flash disk! Okay, so you can take your other spare flash disk and plug it in your laptop and copy the track that you were thinking of!

3- Headphones

Bring your own headphones! There have been so many times when I would perform as a warm-up DJ. The DJ after me would ask if he could use my headphones! I hate it! You need to bring your own headphones so that you don’t put yourself in an awkward situation asking one of the other DJs for their headphones, which they might not even be so kind to do so!

  • Bonus!

    Study The Venue! If you are playing as a warm-up DJ know what the other DJs play so that your music doesn’t clash with them. Check out their sets on SoundCloud or Mixcloud and see what type of vibe they give to the crowd check which labels they like to affiliate themselves with!

These 3 crucial items DJs need to bring will definitely keep you at ease and help you perform a better job at the gig! Which in return will score you some extra gigs! If you want to develop your skills in DJing even further you can check out our CDJ Pioneer Experiences in Dubai!