Top 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade To Ableton Live 10

Top 5 reasons You Should Upgrade to Ableton 10

Top 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 has introduced some crucial upgrades from 9. One that every electronic music producer out there would love! Don’t get me wrong actually all producers would enjoy! These are my top 5 reasons you should upgrade to Ableton Live 10 without a doubt!

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1- Grouping within groups

In previous Ableton versions the grouping capabilities where limited to just grouping a bunch of instruments under one channel. With Ableton 10 we now have the ability to group channels in that have already been grouped under one channel strip. So, that means having a group within a group. What this helps us achieve is grouping a type of instrument such as percussions under one channel strip and having a group of certain styles of percussions under another channel strip within the master group. This allows us to have a cleaner layout of our tracks to help us navigate through the session and allows us to focus processing effects on certain groups under one group. A handy feature if you ask me.

2- Multiple Midi Clip Editing

Now you can edit multiple midi clips, by selecting both midi clips within the arrangement view. This can help you immensely when it comes to writing certain percussion patterns and melodies.

3- Audio Clip Fade Ins and Fade Outs

An amazing new feature by Ableton that allows us to have a streamlined workflow. Instead of pressing the shortcut for the fade in commands you can now find it on the edges of the audio clip allowing you for quick access to fade in and fade outs.

4- Zooming Into Audio Clips In Arrangement Section

Another streamline feature by Ableton which increases your quality of life. Selecting a section of the audio clip on the arrangement view and pressing shift + Z (check out this other article for Essential Shortcuts in Ableton Live), will zoom into the selected section allowing you to quickly edit the audio clip. This will allow you to quickly fix something you heard when play backing the clip without disrupting your workflow.

5- Saving Backup Templates After You Do A Final Save

Ableton Live 10 now saves multiple up to your previous saves after overwriting a save. This is a huge win for them in the DAW game. A lot of producers are used to constantly saving just in case the program crashes, they go trigger happy on the save function while producing and its completely understandable when you are used to producing on a low-end computer that crashes randomly on you. This was requested by multiple users and has finally been implemented.


These 5 reasons to upgrade to Ableton Live 10 should definitely give a clear decision to upgrade!


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