Ableton Live Podcast Course. Creating a DJ Mix with Ableton Live

Put together a DJ Set, a podcast or a digital mix tape in 4 creative weeks

In 4 weeks you will be able to put together a DJ Set, a podcast, or a digital mix tape. You will learn the latest techniques in creating and curating sets for digital shows. Create your own podcast series on ITUNES. Prepare a DJ set for Mixcloud. Publish your content on Beatport DJs, submit it to your local radio station or share it with friends.

These sessions will cover and focus heavily on the warping functions in Ableton Live. Discovering and creating the effects that you would need to mix your songs. Automate any parameters to create smooth transitions. Record your voice if you want to, and create radio like vocal effects.  Monitor your levels and polish your mix to various broadcast standards.

Podcasting or radio shows has kept many generations entertained since the first AM waves hit the streets. Nowadays its everywhere, Youtube, Mixcloud, Beatport, ITUNES and self hosted sites are taking advantage of this content creation self marketing tool. You got something of value? Then put it in a Podcast, create a DJ set or a digital mix tape 🙂

Why do it with Ableton? Well 🙂 Its inexpensive, its hands on, its much easier and efficient than the next best alternative. You might decide to use Ableton Live for other crafts; music production, recording, live performance, mashups, etc…

Yes. Many sites offer podcast hosting, you can even create your own website and link them there too. Some sites are dedicated to music, like Beatport DJS, mix cloud and soundcloud , some others are for education and general topics like podomatic and ITUNES. Podcasts, audio books, dj sets are just a few of the types that can potentially be monetized, of course if you going down that path. Great content thrives in the digital world. Add a webcam and you got your self a channel.

We always take the shoestring approach, it has proved to be the best. Get the minimal setup to start with and then the experience will guide you what you need to get later on to take you to the next level. A laptop with Ableton Live and an inexpensive microphone if you will record your voice.

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